2012 – No Hope…and its only April!

I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1998 and a fan since 1970…and with opening day tomorrow I have never been more disinterested or distressed about the Mets than this year. We are a pathetic excuse for a major league baseball team, let alone one that resides in the greatest city in the world. What a joke. I feel like I am watching a poor sequel for the movie series Major League, only there won’t be any comebacks or miracle wins or against all odds joy and success.

When I started Time to Sell the Team in 2011 I thought that we were at the bottom and needed to facilitate a change. Wow, how wrong was I? It’s gotten 10x worse.

Fred / Jeff — Absolutely clueless. I hope you lose another 100 million this year and even more in 2013.

I’ll be there tomorrow with my shirts, handing out bracelets and cards, and showing my disdain via signage. I hope to see you out there with me protesting the current ownership as we push for a change. It’s time for Fred to go. It’s time for Jeff to go. It’s time for a new owner. Lets make it happen!!

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