Baseball is fun, but it won’t be soon

I’ve got to admit – perhaps it was denial that the Mets would do ANYTHING this year, or maybe it was becasue I simply had no expectations for them – that our Metropolitans are playing pretty damn good baseball. Flirting with 500 is an accomplishment for this team, 4.5 out of the wildcard, 8 out of the division are all notes that should make one smile. But here’s the thing – we dont. We all know what’s coming…this is just the (relitave) calm before the storm.

Fred and Sandy are going to trade Jose – that’s a fact. There’s simply no way, nor is there any reason for keeping him as a part of this team. They will deal him before the 31st trade deadline, collect a multitude of players, and delve into the depths of the NL East, just where they had been previously. Becuase, come on, we all know that Jose is the only real thing keeping this team alive – one we get rid of him, that’s it, we pulled the plug, were dead!

So enjoy baseball now, folks, becasue although there is something to smile about now, Mr. Wilpon and Mr. Alderson will surely put a stop to that fairly soon.

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