I’m a fan

The other day while at Citi, watching yet another Metropolitan debocle, I started up a conversation with a fellow fan.

“Its time to sell the team!” I told him, after he commented on my “Who Mad-off With My Team” T-shirt.

After a quick back-and-forth about the current ownership, he looked at me and said, “Well how can you be selling these? You’re too young to know heartbreak – you’re not even a real fan!”

Now, although I was not alive when the Mets last won the World Series (I was born in ’92) I KNOW I am a true fan. In fact, with all the torture that I’ve endured for the past 19 years, sans pretty much any reward, one could argue that I am more of a fan for sticking with the Mets throughout the years, rather than jumping on the Yankee bandwagon in the late 90’s.

I explained to my friend some of the highlights of my time with the Mets.

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