We’re being teased

Its crazy to think of how well we’re currently playing with the parts that we have. No Johan, no Wright, no Ike, and basically no Bay. Obviously 3 games under 500 isn’t usually where a club wants to be, but crazy enough – I’ll take it. All of the kids who have come up have done a great job – Turner is still hitting over 300, Pridie and Harris are both playing solid in the field and hitting well, and guys like Capuano and Gee are pitching great, and I haven’t been able to find a single thing wrong with Murph for months!

This makes you think, even though many of these players are doing a great job filling in, just imagine what the Mets could be minus the injuries and the owners.

I for one underestimated what this team could accomplish, which has its pros and cons. If the team stunk, I could brush it off and think about next season. But this group is almost like a tease – a tease of what they can become. A winner is dangling infront of my face like a carrot on a stick, but unfortunately, Fred is the one holding the stick.

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